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Newroz Creative Productions

Motion Graphics

My talents stand out most in the areas where dynamic design intersects with technology, giving me a valuable insight on projects that require creative solutions to technological limitations—whether it be creating compelling content, or solving workflow bottlenecks. I have strong communication skills, knowledge of the latest industry trends practices, and approach each project with an open mind. I’ve learned to fill new roles in a moment’s notice, and can work well under heavy pressure and intense deadlines.

I’m proficient in the following applications: Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, VC Element 3D, Keylight, Mocha, Blender, Trapcode Suite, & Logic.

Credits: >>>
CNBC Money Talks Title – Design, 3D animation (AE)
CNBC Strange Success Title – Animation (AE)
CNBC Upstarts Title – Design, 3D animation (AE)
CNBC Netflix Stocks Chart – Design, 3D animation (AE)
CNBC O’Leary Money Confessions Animation – Illustrations, animation (AE)
CNBC Make It Video Graphics Package – Design, animation, Expressions coding (AE, Essential Graphics)
CNBC Millennial Money Carousel – Design, 3D animation (AE)
CNBC Make It End Card – Design, 3D animation (AE)
CNBC Make It YouTube End Card – Design, animation (AE, YouTube)
go90/Verizon : Network Bumper Concept – Design, 3D animation (AE)
go90/Verizon : NBA League Pass – Design (sans illust.), 3D animation (AE)
Verizon/NFL : Thursday Night Football – Design, 3D animation (Element 3D, AE)
go90 Sports : FIFA Ballon d’Or Intro – Design, 3D modeling, animation (Element 3D, AE)
Complex Networks : Apple TV/Roku Ad – 3D textures & rendering, animation (Element 3D, AE)
go90/Rated Red : Top Grier Talent Barker – Design, keying, animation (AE, Keylight)
Eyewax Films : EMF Festival Title – Design, 3D modeling, animation (Trapcode Mir, AE)
Rolling Stone Magazine : RS News – Production (AE, Premiere)
American Family Insurance : JV Title – 3D tracking, animation (AE, Mocha)
CW&Co. Regulator 3D Animation – Design, 3D animation (AE, Element 3D)
‘Bluebirds’ Title Sequence – Design, animation (Illustrator, AE)
‘Dance Till Dawn’ Title Sequence – Design, 3D animation (AE, Cinema 3D)
Electronic Arts : Dark Omen Splash – Illustration, animation (Flash)
‘We Are The Prototypes’ Hawkman Explosion – SFX (AE, Mocha)
‘We Are The Prototypes’ Jedi Kittens – Camera, rotoscoping, 3D animation (AE, Mocha, Element 3D)

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